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To Do Central Iowa

Blog, Reviews, Things to Do, Places to Eat, and more.

Established in 2021 To Do Central Iowa gives you everything you need to get going around town.

Latest Posts

The Operating Room

This past weekend my son wanted to go visit The Operating Room. Yeah, not the one at the hospital. The arcade over in West Des Moines! I have been to the Operating Room many, many times over the past couple years with both my kids and with other friends. It’s always a good time, a…

Zo-El Annett Woods – A fun place to Hike!

I love getting out in the outdoors with my kids. The problem is, my kiddos don’t always want to go on a 5-10 mile hike like me. So one of my favorite hiking trails to take them on is the one at Zo-El Annett Woods. Zo-El is a short drive south of Des Moines (around 30 minutes,…

Best Taco Pizza in Central Iowa – Where?

Is there a better pizza than taco pizza? That’s a good question. In my mind there isn’t. I love taco pizza! So who has the best taco pizza in Central Iowa? Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of places. In fact I will almost always try a taco pizza if a place has one. Here…

Too Much Stuff. Declutter Your Life!

Walking around at Costco today got me thinking about the amount of shit we have in our lives. And if we didn’t already have enough, we are out looking to buy more! If you really take a minute and think about the amount of clutter and material items you have in your life, it’s quite…


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