The Cold is Almost Over?!

So it’s 16 degrees as I write this and that seems warm! This past week has been so cold! This past year of COVID and now the cold has been dreaming of the fun that will hopefully be coming soon. So what do I look forward to the most this Spring and Summer? Well, to be honest, at this point pretty much anything sounds exciting! But hiking in warm weather sounds fun, checking out a few new concerts, trying a new restaurant and checking out some outdoor sports sounds like it would be fun!

So, what is the point of this new website? Well, back in the day I started Des Moines Parent website when my kids were little. This was to help find fun activities for the kids and I. Now my kids are older and I’m looking for not only family fun, but things I can do on my own and with my friends. So I created To Do Central Iowa website to answer this problem. My goal is to provide not only myself but the readers a place to find stuff to do! So sit back and let me do some work and hopefully this website will provide a place to give you fun stuff to do! Let’s move on from 2020 and look to 2021!

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