Iowa Wild Game – My Thoughts

So I took my son and his friend to his first Iowa Wild game yesterday. It was the second time for me but had been a couple of years. First of all the fan experience is a bit different in this COVID times we live in. The amount of fans and the spacing of them is really good if you are about having your space right now. Masks are still required throughout Wells Fargo Arena, but you can take them off while eating or drinking at your seats. We were seating in the 300 level, which is the cheapest of the seats at $15.00 a ticket, but with Wells Fargo being a pretty small stadium and not a real big hockey fan these seats were perfect.

So, do I recommend taking your kids to a game? Yes, but don’t pay for the expensive seats, unless you are rich, then go for it. The staff at the Well do a good job of keeping the game entertaining even if you don’t enjoy hockey. During time outs and breaks there is lots of good video footage and activities for you and your family to do.

At the concession stand you are gonna spend some money. So maybe if you are taking the whole family don’t plan on eating dinner here. They have cotton candy, funnel cakes and all the other fun stuff the family will enjoy. But once again, be prepared to pay.

Overall, I would recommend taking your self and/or your family to a game. It’s entertaining and if you have never tried it, it’s a new experience. Check out our Calendar to find a game!

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