If You Have Kids: Buy these 2 Things for Summer

Okay, so in 2020 my goal was to get some things for my two kids to do at home since COVID was just starting off. 2 of the best things I got were my trampoline and then my sprinkler for the trampoline. Yes, it was a bit expensive (at least to me) at the time, but over the last year it has been worth every penny! Both my kids, who are 10 and 12, have used the trampoline a lot! My son, who is the 10 year old, has used it the most! And once it got hot enough, the sprinkler, which is only $20, gave him hours and hours of fun each day! He had friends over to jump with him and even I jumped in there with him. I was like a kid again. Of all the bad things that happened because of COVID in 2020, I would say the trampoline was good thing.

So 2 things to buy for the Spring and Summer? A Trampoline and Sprinkler for it! I purchased mine on Amazon. And I won’t lie, I am not handy or good at putting things together at all. Luckily the kids mom is and she put it together for me! And this is my ex-wife. A great person! So this Summer pools may be back open, but still spend the little bit of money and purchase these for your kids and their friends at home! It will totally be worth it. Just to mention. After I purchased mine, I saw 5 others purchased in my neighborhood. All but one had the enclosures around the trampoline. The one without the enclosure is gone now. Get the enclosure! Safer for the kids! Here’s what I bought. Be your kid’s hero and buy yours today!

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