The Iowa Barnstormers are Back!

May 22nd The Iowa Barnstormers make their way back to Wells Fargo arena for their first home game! The Barnstormers have had a long history with the city of Des Moines. Back in 1992 the Iowa Barnstormers began playing in the Arena Football League bringing professional football to Iowa. Back in 1995 Kurt Warner took over as Quarterback for the Barnstormers and led them to 2 ArenaBowl appearances. Following those glory years the Barnstormers have had many up and down years. Leaving Des Moines for a couple years and then coming back, the Iowa Barnstormers are here in Des Moines to give us a great football experience.

It’s always fun to head out to a game whether it’s with friends or family. Enjoy the action, have some fun and get your tickets to check out a game!

For more information visit the Barnstormers website. To purchase tickets head to the Iowa Events Center website here.

The Glory days of Kurt Warner that started the Iowa Barnstormers fun!

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