Brick and Ivy Rooftop

So I finally got a chance to try Brick and Ivy Rooftop in Altoona, Iowa. It was a beautiful day outside so I was able to sit outside which Brick and Ivy is suppose to have good outside setting. Obviously my first initial thought was that the restaurant is right next door to Adventureland. Literally you can see the rides and the old Tornado Roller coaster from outside.

I went there for lunch so I ended up just doing a classic Brisket Burger with cheddar cheese and fries. My lunch mate went a little bit healthier and had the Shrimp Salad. My burger was cooked perfectly and tasted great. And they remembered the mayonnaise for my fries (yes, I know I’m crazy!) The fries were not the world’s best fries, but were still tasty as well. My friend’s Shrimp Salad looked great and she said it tasted good as well.

I have to admit I will definitely be back here again to try some more food. They have Street Tacos that will be tried and their Hawaiian Pizza as well. Plus they have live music on certain days as well. Maybe drop the kids off at Adventureland and sit and relax! Well, maybe someday. LOL.

Their website at the time that I’m posting this is not complete. But you can find their complete menu there to take a look at. Click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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