Nachos, Armrests and Other Movie Theater Musings

There’s something special about seeing a movie on the big screen at your favorite local movie theater. It’s just not the same at home. Besides, who wouldn’t want to pay $7.00 for a “Junior” sized popcorn. But I can’t help but notice a few things when I’m at the movie theater that I just don’t understand.

  1. Nachos? – I have nothing against nachos. If you enjoy some yummy tortilla chips and some fake cheese (probably melted plastic) more power to you. But Nachos at the movie theater? It just doesn’t make sense. The movie theater makes such a big deal about no talking and use of cell phones during the movie that they have forgotten about the crunch of a nacho chip. Yep, the last thing I need to hear during the movie is the loud crunching and munching of the moviegoer next to me. Stick with the popcorn. It’s quiet.
  2. The Awkward Armrest – All movie theaters now have chairs with armrests and cup holders. It makes sense and it’s a great thing. But how do you know which armrest is yours? It’s not a big deal if the movie theater isn’t packed and nobody is sitting next to you. But who gets the armrest when someone is seated next to you? Is it whoever gets there first? Or is there some unwritten law I don’t know about like everyone takes the armrest to their left? Worst case scenario I suppose is when you have that awkward moment when you and person next to you both use the armrest and your elbows touch. Then it’s just a matter of who can slide their arm off without being too obvious that it was an awkward moment. Then you are both left without an armrest. This has to be one of society’s biggest problems people!
  3. Price Gouging – I all ready mentioned it above, but what’s up the prices for food and beverages at the movie theater? Why are we willing to pay these prices just because we are at a movie theater? As a society we clip coupons, shop at the dollar store to save money, look for “kids eat free nights” and do all this other stuff to save money. But we get to the movie theater and it’s like screw it. I will pay whatever they are asking for that tub of oiled up popcorn. At what point does the government get involved and control this price gouging. Lol.
  4. The Commercials and Previews – It’s getting a little out of control. Can I just pay an extra $2.00 for my ticket and skip all the advertising and previews before the movie? Of course I could just wait and get to the movie theater when the movie just starts. But then I risk having no good seats left and having to sit in the front row. And that just leads to a visit to the chiropractor after staring up at a giant screen for 2 hours. What really makes me chuckle is they play the previews before the previews. Then the lights dim down and you start to get excited. Yeah, the movie is going to start……. and then more previews. Ahhh!!

Okay, so I joke a little about some of these. I really do love going and seeing an anticipated movie once in a while. But I think I make some good points here. Some food for thought folks. If you have an answer to #2 please let me know!

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