The Slaughterhouse Haunted House

October 1st thru the 31st you can check out The Slaughterhouse Haunted House at 500 Locust St in Des Moines. Now, I didn’t get to check it out last year due to COVID, but the year before it was quite the interesting haunted house. I’ve been to other local Haunted House’s such as Linn’s Supermarket in the past but I will say this is at a way higher level. Yes you will pay a little bit more, but it’s a fun experience.

Now, is it scary? It had it’s moments. I was in a group of 6, and I was split up for my group so I was stuck walking thru the areas on my own, which I have to admit was a bit scary. It always helps to have someone right there next to you. So you will get a few scares throughout your adventure there.

If you have never been, definitely do it. A little scare is what Halloween is all about, right?

Visit their website for more info!

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