Do You Remember these 7 Discontinued McDonald’s Menu Items?

McDonald’s has introduced many new items to their menu over the years. Some have been successfully and some have “McFlopped”. Here’s a look back at 7 discontinued McDonald’s menu items that didn’t make the cut.

Onion Nuggets

Introduced in the mid 70’s the Onion Nuggets may have looked like chicken, but pop one in your mouth and you got an onion surprise.

McLean Deluxe

In 1991 the McLean Deluxe was introduced as a healthy version of the hamburger. In fact it boasted that it was 91% fat free!  How did McDonald’s lower the fat content of the traditional burger? Seaweed! But apparently Seaweed doesn’t taste that great.  So bye bye McLean Deluxe.

Arch Deluxe

In 1996 McDonald’s introduced the world to the Arch Deluxe, a more “gourmet style” hamburger marketed towards adults. The ingredients were a quarter pound of beef, on a potato flour bun, topped with bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, American cheese, onions, ketchup, “secret” mustard and mayonnaise sauce. The world didn’t want gourmet. It McFlopped!


In 1984 McDonald’s decided that people needed a specially designed two-sided Styrofoam container to keep the hot food away from the cool food. This one actually lasted until 1991 when it was discontinued because of environmental concerns over the Styrofoam. Check out the cool commercial below for the McDLT featuring Jason Alexander from Seinfeld!

Chicken Fajitas

Introduced along with the Breakfast Burrito in 1991, Chicken Fajitas just didn’t catch on.  I guess most people would rather trust their Mexican food to someplace other than McDonald’s?

McSalad Shakers

In 2000, in an effort to create more healthy options on their menu, McDonald’s introduced the McSalad Shakers. Apparently people didn’t like eating salad jammed into a cup and the Shakers were replaced in 2003 by Premium salads not in a cup.


In 1989 McDonald’s decided to enter the pizza market. But since you can’t fry up a pizza in 1 minute, long cook times led to the McPizza being canned.

Would you like to see see any of these come back? Yes, which ones?

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