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Don’t Feel Like Making Thanksgiving? Here are Some Options.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. You may love the food on Thanksgiving but are you a good cook? Or do you just want a break this year? A couple years ago my family talked me into going to Ruby Tuesday on Thanksgiving so we wouldn’t have to prepare anything at home. Not gonna lie, it was horrible. I vowed at that point to never eat out again on Thanksgiving. But I do get those of you who want to try it. And to be quite honest this year I am going to order a Turkey from Smokey D’s and make all the sides at home. So a mixture. Because nobody makes dressing (stuffing) as good as me!

So here are a few options where you can get food you can pick up for your Thanksgiving meal. Keep in mind the true fun of Thanksgiving is being around people you love and having a good time!

Smokey’s D’s BBQ – Smokey D’s will make your Ham or Turkey and even some sides for your Thanksgiving.

Hy-Vee – Yes, Hy-Vee has your Thanksgiving taken care of for you. Lots of options with Turkey and Ham and lots of sides options. Prices vary.

Cracker Barrell – Cracker Barrell in Clive offers some great Thanksgiving options plus some tasty pie options!

Whole Foods – Located in West Des Moines, Whole foods gives you some good Thanksgiving options to have at home. Turkey, Prime Rib, Beef Wellington and some other good options to check out.

Machine Shed – Dinner for 4 for $79.00. Turkey or Ham, with 4 sides and dessert.

Gateway Market – Lots of Catering Options for you to choose from. Turkey, Pork Loin sides and pies. Lots to choose from for the picky eaters!

Do you know of any other locations offering to go food for Thanksgiving? Let me know!

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