We Need Better Mini Golf Options

I have always been a fan of mini golf. When I was little I would play at Putt Putt in West Des Moines on Grand Ave. Most recently a couple weeks ago I went to West Grand Golf and played a round. And as fun as it is to play a little mini golf, Central Iowa is missing out on something more. What am I talking about? I am talking about mini golf that has cool courses with obstacles that make it stand out from the rest. Why can’t we have more?!

For example, check out Crave Golf Course in Tennessee. This place looks awesome! They have an indoor and outdoor 19 hole mini golf course, plus escape rooms and a candy store! Another example of an awesome mini golf experience is Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf in Missouri. There you can take the 18 steps to becoming a Hollywood star as you mini-golf through palm trees, parties and paparazzi!

So all you business people out there, bring this to Central Iowa! Give us outdoor mini golf for nice weather and indoor for the cold. Give us exciting holes with cool obstacles to get the ball in the hole. We need more! Please bring it here. I will definitely be your customer with my family! Think differently. Give us something cool!

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