10 Game Ideas for your Winter Office Olympics

Every winter I am tasked with putting together a Winter Olympics for my office.  It’s fun, can be used as great team building exercise and gets people away from their desk and moving around.  Here are 10 game ideas that have worked well for us that will make your Office Olympics a smashing success.

1. Reindeer Hunting
Each member of the team gets to shoot 5 rubber bands at reindeer targets worth a different value. The scores of the team will be combined and the team with the most points wins.

2. Paper Clip Throwing Contest
Each team gets 20 total paperclips to toss at the giant magnet. The team that can get the most to stick wins.

3. Garbage Toss
Each member of the team will have 10 paper balls to shoot at the garbage can. The team that makes the most paper balls in the garbage can wins.

4. Christmas Trivia
The team who answers the most questions right wins.

5. Clip Chain Challenge
The entire team has to try and get as many paper clips chained together as possible in 1 minute. The team with the most paper clips wins.

6. Scavenger Hunt
There are 5 golden envelopes hidden somewhere in the Office. Each envelope will be worth a different point value. Clues will be given out to help your team find them. Find the envelope(s), and your team gets that point value added to their overall total. (can get more than one envelop)

7. Chair Curling
The objective of this one is to push an office chair to a certain spot on the floor. Each spot will have a different point value. Each member will take a turn being pushed on the chair. Your point totals will be added together and averaged out. The team with the highest averaged point value wins.

8. Office Supply Gingerbread House
Each team will be given the same set of office supplies. They will have 10 minutes to construct a gingerbread house. The team that can build the tallest house that stays standing is the winner.

9. Making Artificial Snow
Each team will be given 100 sheets of paper and can use 2 shredders. The team that can shred all 100 sheets fastest will win (only 1 piece of paper can be shredded at a time)

10. The Great Egg Drop
Each team will design an egg package to save an egg from breaking when dropped. The team that creates the package that can withstand the most drops without breaking wins.

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