5 Ways to Save Money for The Holidays

Let’s be honest it’s not easy to save money especially around the Holidays. So what about earning some extra money or saving some money on your bills to help get that Holiday cash? Try these sure fire ways to get extra money now!

Shop on Lolli – When you order stuff online why not get some money back?! You are ordering it anyways. Just sign up for Lolli and earn cash back while you stock up on Christmas gifts. You can order online which saves you from going to the store and buying extra stuff while you are there you don’t need. Click here.

Cut Costs on TV – I am signed up for Netflix, Disney+, Paramount Plus and Hulu. Do I really need them all? No. I seem to stick to one when I am on a binge of watching. So why not cancel Netflix for a couple months while I wait on a new show to come out. You can save a quick $15-40 a month. So review and see if you can’t live off Pluto or other free TV apps on your Roku for a few months.

Grocery Shop at Aldi’s or Trader Joe’s – Yes, grocery shopping at Hy-Vee and Target can get very expensive. Try it for a month and choose Aldi’s, Trader Joe’s or Walmart. See if you can take $20-40 dollars off your bill each time. You might just save a few extra bucks you can use on Christmas presents!

Pack Your Lunch – I use to eat out 1 to 2 times a week at work. That was $10 or more a pop. So let’s say I was eating out 8 times a month. That’s at least $80! Pack a lunch for a fraction of that money and use that extra money for the Holidays!

Sell Old Clothes or Toys – Yes, sell them. I am sure your kids have some older toys you can get some money for. Put them for sale on Facebook or other local online bulletin board and make some money. If you have old clothes still in good condition, try selling them to places like Plato’s Closet.

So try one or all of these items and save some money for your Holidays today!

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