I Am Addicted to the Cubano Sandwich!

So one of the benefits to working downtown is I’m close to a lot of great restaurants. I have to admit, I like a lot, but one of my favorites that is within walking distance from my work is Ceviche Bar. I can’t say I’ve had a ton of stuff on their menu. But the main thing I always get is the Cubano Sandwich. This thing is awesome! In fact on days that I get this for lunch I really don’t mind coming to work that much. Ok, so if you have never had a Cubano you’re thinking what’s on this sandwich? You have ham, pork, swiss cheese, mustard, pickle and it’s served on cuban bread. Doesn’t sound like the most complicated thing, but it’s so good! Sure you can get some sides with it, but all you really need is the sandwich. You know all this talk of it and I’m getting hungry for it right now!

So you might not sound amazed by this, but trust me….give it a try. Ceviche does have other good food as well. Oh and get a mojito if you are there when not working. Sit back, relax have some good food and a great drink.

Check out their full menu here.

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