Adventureland – Do You Remember?

In August of 1974 Adventureland opened it’s doors to guests to explore some fun rides in Central Iowa. Granted I wasn’t born yet, but in the 1980’s Adventureland was my place for Summer fun. I remember my parents worked for Pioneer at the time and we would always get free tickets each year to go out and have some fun. I have to say as a kid my favorites included the Bumper Cars, Red Barons (fun airplane ride), the Sky Ride and the Log Ride.

Do you remember some of these former rides that were at the Park? I remember my mom never cursed at all. But when we got on the Super Screamer I heard some very interesting stuff come out of her mouth. It was hilarious! The Silly Silo I was always too afraid to try. I admit it. Wasn’t interested at all! The Log Ride was a must ride. I remember sitting in the very front trying to duck down and not get wet! The Der Flitzer was the very first roller coaster I rode on. Yes it was small, but it was so much fun!!

The Super Screamer
Silly Silo
Log Ride
Der Flitzer

In 1990 they transformed the “Riverview” area into Dragon Island. This had the Dragon roller coaster with the 2 loops. I remember being scared of it at the time, but having so much fun riding it. I remember in Junior High we would always go out there with our class. It was time to show I was a man and ride all the rides to prove I wasn’t scared of anything. Good times!

3 years later they made the Outlaw Gulch area and added on even more. The Outlaw Roller Coaster and Sawmill Splash gave you reason to walk back to that part of the park. Then in 2002 is when they added the Water Park portion to the park. The Wave pool and many slides made this a fun area that was part of the same admission price to get in.

It’s amazing some of the rides I rode as a child are still running! I take my kids to Adventureland now each year and it’s always amazing memories. The Tornado, The Tea Cups, The Scrambler, The Tilt-a-Whirl and many other fun rides! Expensive, but fun!

Do you have memories of Adventureland as a child? What’s your favorite?

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