5 Types of Central Iowa Drivers

Life is tough enough, but driving around town any more is stressing me out.  It seems like sometimes when you merge onto the interstate you are entering a Thunder Dome, with no rules or regulations.   Isn’t it enough that we have to deal with ice and snow covered roads for 3 months a year?  I guess it’s not, because we also have to deal with other drivers.  From what I have found there are basically 5 types of people driving the roads of Central Iowa. Here they are:

1. The Average Joe – These are people such as myself who obey basic traffic laws and that have a little bit of common sense.

2. The Soccer Mom – These are moms who are usually driving an SUV or Mini-Van around town. Their cargo….Kids, Lots of Them. They are known for showing a soccer ball emblem in their back window. You must be aware of the Soccer Mom because she is trying to operate a large vehicle with kids screaming, a DVD movie showing and while talking on the cell phone.

3. The Old Timers – Yes, we should respect our elders, but at the same time, we should fear them as well. The Old Timers drive around town, usually in their over sized Cadillacs going 10 miles under the posted speed limit. Sometimes you can’t even see them because they can’t see over the steering wheel. You must take caution when driving next to them because they believe for some reason that they are owed the right to drive in two lanes.

4. The Out-Of-Towners – Yes we have all been one, at one time or another. They have the habit of driving really slow when looking for their destination. They go the wrong way down one ways and seem to have a bewildered look in their eyes at all times.

5. Road Ragers – This is the most dangerous of the group. These are people who for some reason are mad at the world. They like to drive at outrageous speeds while swerving in and out of lanes. When you are trying to merge and see a Road Rager, forget it. They will not let you in! They will speed up, slow down and do whatever it takes to block you out. If you do somehow manage to get in front of them, they will ride your tail, honk and even flip the old bird to get you out of their path.

Do you know anybody that fits into one of these categories?  I bet you do.

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