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Best Taco Pizza in Central Iowa – Where?

Is there a better pizza than taco pizza? That’s a good question. In my mind there isn’t. I love taco pizza! So who has the best taco pizza in Central Iowa? Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of places. In fact I will almost always try a taco pizza if a place has one. Here are the top 4 taco pizzas you can get in Central Iowa.

  1. Happy Joe’s – Yes, there is still a Happy Joe’s left in Central Iowa. Thank goodness! Urbandale still has one and it’s the best taco pizza around. I will make the drive from Norwalk to Urbandale anytime for this great pizza. Refried beans, sausage, and taco-seasoned beef, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and taco chips. Served with Spicey Joe’s taco sauce. It is so good! You will not be disappointed in this pizza.
  2. Brickhouse Tavern – I came upon this restaurant almost 3 years ago in Indianola and it hasn’t disappointed since. Their Taco Pie pizza is right up there with Happy Joe’s. I give the advantage to Happy Joe’s with their taco sauce, but other than that this pizza will leave you wanting more! Just to mention, try their other pizza too, so good!
  3. Casey’s Pizza – Yes, believe it or not the taco pizza at our local gas station is awesome! It’s not the best you can get (see the first two spots), but it’s tasty. And in my case just down the street from my house. And that’s probably true for most of you because Casey’s are almost everywhere.
  4. Scornovacca’s – So this south side restaurant has been around forever! Well, since 1973 so it’s much older than me! I hadn’t tried their Taco Pizza until this past year. I have a connection at the restaurant that suggested it, and it was so tasty! If you are on the south side of Des Moines and looking for a good pizza try this one!

Have you tried any of these spots? What do you think? Is your favorite taco pizza not on this list? Let me know what yours is and then I can try it!


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