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The Operating Room

This past weekend my son wanted to go visit The Operating Room. Yeah, not the one at the hospital. The arcade over in West Des Moines! I have been to the Operating Room many, many times over the past couple years with both my kids and with other friends. It’s always a good time, a bit expensive, but fun.

If you want to go with your kids you have to go earlier in the day, then at night it becomes an adult only location where you can play games and have a drink. So take your kids earlier in the day, get a babysitter and come back at night!

There are lots of different games you can play. Tons of pinball options if you like to play pinball, skee-ball, basketball shooting games, a couple shooting games and of course Mario Kart!

If you have never been you should definitely check it out! Check out their hours on their website. And if you want some good unhealthy, donuts check out Hurts Donuts just a couple stores down!

Location: 5515 Mills Civic Pkwy #130, West Des Moines, IA 50266

Click here for their website.


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