Zo-El Annett Woods – A fun place to Hike!

I love getting out in the outdoors with my kids. The problem is, my kiddos don’t always want to go on a 5-10 mile hike like me. So one of my favorite hiking trails to take them on is the one at Zo-El Annett Woods. Zo-El is a short drive south of Des Moines (around 30 minutes,Continue reading “Zo-El Annett Woods – A fun place to Hike!”

Best Taco Pizza in Central Iowa – Where?

Is there a better pizza than taco pizza? That’s a good question. In my mind there isn’t. I love taco pizza! So who has the best taco pizza in Central Iowa? Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of places. In fact I will almost always try a taco pizza if a place has one. HereContinue reading “Best Taco Pizza in Central Iowa – Where?”

Too Much Stuff. Declutter Your Life!

Walking around at Costco today got me thinking about the amount of shit we have in our lives. And if we didn’t already have enough, we are out looking to buy more! If you really take a minute and think about the amount of clutter and material items you have in your life, it’s quiteContinue reading “Too Much Stuff. Declutter Your Life!”

5 Types of Central Iowa Drivers

Life is tough enough, but driving around town any more is stressing me out.  It seems like sometimes when you merge onto the interstate you are entering a Thunder Dome, with no rules or regulations.   Isn’t it enough that we have to deal with ice and snow covered roads for 3 months a year?  IContinue reading “5 Types of Central Iowa Drivers”

Adventureland – Do You Remember?

In August of 1974 Adventureland opened it’s doors to guests to explore some fun rides in Central Iowa. Granted I wasn’t born yet, but in the 1980’s Adventureland was my place for Summer fun. I remember my parents worked for Pioneer at the time and we would always get free tickets each year to goContinue reading “Adventureland – Do You Remember?”

I Am Addicted to the Cubano Sandwich!

So one of the benefits to working downtown is I’m close to a lot of great restaurants. I have to admit, I like a lot, but one of my favorites that is within walking distance from my work is Ceviche Bar. I can’t say I’ve had a ton of stuff on their menu. But theContinue reading “I Am Addicted to the Cubano Sandwich!”

Rocky Mountain Oysters Explained

What are Rocky Mountain oysters? They are that part of the male cow that is removed in his youth so that he may thereby be more tractable, grow meatier, and behave less masculine. When the calves are branded, the testicles are cut off and thrown in a bucket of water. They are then peeled, washed,Continue reading “Rocky Mountain Oysters Explained”

Your Happy Place as a Parent: A Matrix Perspective

Parenting can be exhausting!  Anybody else out there agree?  The Lack of sleep, no privacy, constant questions, the never ending cleaning and all the other stuff that comes with being a parent sometimes catches up with you.  At that point, the will to continue on another 2-3 hours before the kids finally go to sleepContinue reading “Your Happy Place as a Parent: A Matrix Perspective”

The Yule Cat – A New Christmas Tradition?

While traditional Christmas folklore characters are typically friendly—just think of the many incarnations of St Nicolas—in Iceland there’s a character that sounds quite terrifying. The Yule Cat (Jólakötturin) is a huge, vicious creature that lurks in the snowy countryside. Jólakötturinn is the Icelandic Yule Cat or Christmas Cat. He is not a nice cat atContinue reading “The Yule Cat – A New Christmas Tradition?”

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