5 Ways to Save Money for The Holidays

Let’s be honest it’s not easy to save money especially around the Holidays. So what about earning some extra money or saving some money on your bills to help get that Holiday cash? Try these sure fire ways to get extra money now! Shop on Lolli – When you order stuff online why not getContinue reading “5 Ways to Save Money for The Holidays”

St. Kilda in Valley Junction – My Thoughts

So today I had my first chance to eat at St. Kilda Collective in Valley Junction. We arrived there around 10:45am and it was already busy from the after Church crowd on Sundays. We only had to wait around 5 minutes for a table and then it was time to try some new food. WeContinue reading “St. Kilda in Valley Junction – My Thoughts”

Indoor Places for Kids in Central Iowa

When it is cold or snowy/rainy in Central Iowa, parents, and children are always on the hunt for places to play indoors! So what do we do now?  Where do we take the kids to keep them entertained and from driving us crazy?  Well, here are some Indoor Places for Kids in Central Iowa that you canContinue reading “Indoor Places for Kids in Central Iowa”

10 Turkey Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

We all know that a turkey tastes delicious.  But how much do you really know about the food that will be on your plate during the holidays?  One thing I do know is that during Thanksgiving, fix a meal at home. I tried eating out on Thanksgiving for a break and it was not worthContinue reading “10 Turkey Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know”

10 Game Ideas for your Winter Office Olympics

Every winter I am tasked with putting together a Winter Olympics for my office.  It’s fun, can be used as great team building exercise and gets people away from their desk and moving around.  Here are 10 game ideas that have worked well for us that will make your Office Olympics a smashing success. 1. ReindeerContinue reading “10 Game Ideas for your Winter Office Olympics”

Places to Ice Skate in Central Iowa

Cold weather is coming and it’s always fun to Ice Skate at least once during the Winter season. Does Central Iowa have anywhere to ice skate? Of course we do. Here are some options to get out and do some holiday skating! Brenton Skating Plaza – Brenton Skating Plaza is an outdoor ice skating facilityContinue reading “Places to Ice Skate in Central Iowa”

Central Iowa Winter Bucket List with the Family

So I originally wrote this list back when I started Des Moines Parent website. It’s interesting to see the changes over the years as my kids have gotten older. So here is my updated list for my family in 2021! The first official day of Winter is December 21st.  My mental calendar switches over toContinue reading “Central Iowa Winter Bucket List with the Family”

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