5 Types of Central Iowa Drivers

Life is tough enough, but driving around town any more is stressing me out.  It seems like sometimes when you merge onto the interstate you are entering a Thunder Dome, with no rules or regulations.   Isn’t it enough that we have to deal with ice and snow covered roads for 3 months a year?  IContinue reading “5 Types of Central Iowa Drivers”

Blank Park Zoo’s Wild Lights

So this is something that could be cool if you have younger kids. Blank Park Zoo is having a special Wild Lights festival April 1st thru May 31st that will have light up animals. Cost is a bit expensive I have to admit, but if you are looking for something to take the kids to,Continue reading “Blank Park Zoo’s Wild Lights”

10 Reasons Central Iowa Doesn’t Suck to Raise a Family

I love living in Central Iowa.  Sure we may not be close to an ocean or mountains, but we have a lot of other great things going for us.  In fact, Central Iowa is a great place to raise a family.  Here are 10 Reasons Central Iowa Doesn’t Suck to Raise a Family: Lots of School Options – WhereContinue reading “10 Reasons Central Iowa Doesn’t Suck to Raise a Family”

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