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There are so many great places to eat around Central Iowa. I am going to slowly add places I’ve eaten to this list. I’ve been to a lot, but I’m slow. The ratings are based on 5 Stars total.

The Angry Goldfish Pub & Eatery – Sure you can try the Angry Goldfish (Sriracha seasoned Goldfish crackers) for an appetizer here, but I say try some of the sandwiches, burgers and entrees if you are looking for some pretty good food. Located at 2301 Southwest 9th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50315, The brisket and pulled pork sandwiches are good, The Old Fashioned Burger hit the spot and the Pot Roast Dinner filled me up. I would say at least give this place a shot and see what you think. No need to dress up here, come as you are and enjoy! – 3.5 Stars

The Brickhouse Tavern – I rated this as the place with the 2nd best taco pizza in Central Iowa. But to be honest it’s the best local, non franchise taco pizza in the area. Located in Indianola at 107 N Buxton St, Indianola, IA 50125, this is somewhere you have to check out. Their Crab Rangoon pizza is good too! Not to say their other food is bad, but definitely go here for the pizza! – 4 Stars

Ceviche Bar – Ceviche is one of my favorite places. It’s within walking distance to my work and seriously has the best Cubano Sandwich in Central Iowa. The other food is ok, but go here for the Cubano! The rice and beans that come with it are good, but the sandwich is the star! The sandwich has ham, pork, swiss cheese, mustard, pickle and is served on Cuban bread. Definitely head downtown Des Moines and try! Located at 223 E Walnut St, Des Moines, IA 50309. You can read my blog about it here. – 4 Stars

The Chicken – Located in West Des Moines (although I consider it to be Orilla) The Chicken has something to offer everyone. The Hot Chicken Sundae and The Chicken and Waffle are two things you must try. Make the short trip here and enjoy some good food. Looking for something basic, then the Classic Chicken Sandwich is a good choice. Located at 4221 SE Orilla Rd suite a, West Des Moines, IA 50061 – 3.5 Stars

Winn’s Pizza and Steakhouse – So Winn’s has locations in Indianola and in Norwalk. Since I live in Norwalk, this is the place I hit. The one thing I always get and recommend is picking up a Hawaiian Pizza. It’s awesome! Canadian Bacon, Pineapple and cheese on a great, flaky crust. Seriously, it sounds so easy to make, but Winn’s makes the best Hawaiian Pizza in town! A tip: Get some honey. Dip your crust in the honey. So good! The Norwalk location is at 1611 Sunset Dr #500, Norwalk, IA 50211. This star rating is just for the Hawaiian Pizza. – 5 Stars