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Best Taco Pizza in Central Iowa – Where?

Is there a better pizza than taco pizza? That’s a good question. In my mind there isn’t. I love taco pizza! So who has the best taco pizza in Central Iowa? Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of places. In fact I will almost always try a taco pizza if a place has one. HereContinue reading “Best Taco Pizza in Central Iowa – Where?”


I Am Addicted to the Cubano Sandwich!

So one of the benefits to working downtown is I’m close to a lot of great restaurants. I have to admit, I like a lot, but one of my favorites that is within walking distance from my work is Ceviche Bar. I can’t say I’ve had a ton of stuff on their menu. But theContinue reading “I Am Addicted to the Cubano Sandwich!”

St. Kilda in Valley Junction – My Thoughts

So today I had my first chance to eat at St. Kilda Collective in Valley Junction. We arrived there around 10:45am and it was already busy from the after Church crowd on Sundays. We only had to wait around 5 minutes for a table and then it was time to try some new food. WeContinue reading “St. Kilda in Valley Junction – My Thoughts”

Do You Remember these 7 Discontinued McDonald’s Menu Items?

McDonald’s has introduced many new items to their menu over the years. Some have been successfully and some have “McFlopped”. Here’s a look back at 7 discontinued McDonald’s menu items that didn’t make the cut. Onion Nuggets Introduced in the mid 70’s the Onion Nuggets may have looked like chicken, but pop one in yourContinue reading “Do You Remember these 7 Discontinued McDonald’s Menu Items?”

Molly’s Cupcakes – Take the Time to Visit!

Molly’s Cupcakes is located downtown Des Moines just within a few minutes walking distance from my work. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because they have wonderful cupcakes, but bad for my waist line! There are plenty of places of to get desserts and cupcakes around Central Iowa, but Molly’sContinue reading “Molly’s Cupcakes – Take the Time to Visit!”

Goldfish Cracker Addiction: How to Cope

What kind of addictive drug is Pepperidge Farms putting into their Goldfish crackers?  It must be formulated to just work on just kids, because it’s not working on me.  I really don’t see why my kids gobble up Goldfish crackers like they are the best thing ever.  They don’t taste bad to me, but to have handful afterContinue reading “Goldfish Cracker Addiction: How to Cope”