Silos and Smokestacks Signs – What do they Mean?

Have you ever seen the Silos and Smokestack signs along the interstate while driving? This sign (see picture) is on northbound I-35 in West Des Moines, approaching I-80 and I-235. I drive by it all the time and always wonder what it means. Are we talking nuclear silos, or corn silos? The name leaves aContinue reading “Silos and Smokestacks Signs – What do they Mean?”

Des Moines Online – A Long Time

I have been providing Central Iowa online information a long time! Back in 2004 I started my first local website Digital Des Moines which provided local stuff to do. Back in 2004, the internet was fairly new still and I just found it fun to post local happenings and then join in the fun. AndContinue reading “Des Moines Online – A Long Time”

6 Possible Scott Harvath Actors

Brad Thor is one of my favorite authors.  His books are well thought out and keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have never read and love action books, give them a shot! The main character in his books are ex Navy Seal Scot Harvath.  With rumors around that Harvath is coming to theContinue reading “6 Possible Scott Harvath Actors”

A Parent’s Perspective of Starbucks

I wonder what percentage of sales at Starbucks comes from parents.  I would think that it would have to be a pretty high number.  Starbucks is basically parent fuel that keeps moms and dads across the country functioning just long enough to get their kids in bed and then pass out.  Right?  Can you relate? Continue reading “A Parent’s Perspective of Starbucks”

Nachos, Armrests and Other Movie Theater Musings

There’s something special about seeing a movie on the big screen at your favorite local movie theater. It’s just not the same at home. Besides, who wouldn’t want to pay $7.00 for a “Junior” sized popcorn. But I can’t help but notice a few things when I’m at the movie theater that I just don’tContinue reading “Nachos, Armrests and Other Movie Theater Musings”

A Drive In Iowa – Giant Volkswagen Beetle Spider

I have driven to Omaha many, many times in my life. One of the more interesting off road finds on the way to Omaha is in Avoca, Iowa. Avoca is a tiny town in Western Iowa with a population around 1,400. Not much in Avoca to be quite honest, but they do have one veryContinue reading “A Drive In Iowa – Giant Volkswagen Beetle Spider”

Some Bling for Your Belly

Much like champagne, Goldschlager has a reputation as a celebration drink. It is touted by style consultants for its ability to increase one’s inner bling. Goldschlager actually has little flakes of gold floating around in it. For those of you who don’t know, Goldschlager is hard liquor that has a cinnamon taste. So back inContinue reading “Some Bling for Your Belly”

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