7 Common Sayings and Where They Come From

I have said these and I bet you have as well. But what do these phrases really mean and why do we say it? Well, here are 7 Common Sayings and Where They Come From: I Gotta Pee Like a Race Horse Today’s Meaning: You have to pee really bad! History: Racehorses are commonly given Lasix (aka Salix)Continue reading “7 Common Sayings and Where They Come From”

10 Uses for Plastic Target Bags

One of the most valuable things I get from Target each week isn’t the groceries I buy, but the plastic bags they come in. This is true of plastic bags from any grocery store. I prefer Target bags because they are a little heavier quality, but that is neither here nor there. The point is…..Continue reading “10 Uses for Plastic Target Bags”

The Bathroom: A Parent’s Escape?

Do you remember when the bathroom use to be a place where you could get away from the all the world’s problems? A nice quiet bubble bath, a hot shower, perhaps catch up on some reading while sitting on your throne.  If this all sounds nostalgic to you, then you must have young children.  BecauseContinue reading “The Bathroom: A Parent’s Escape?”

The Red Hat Ladies Experiment

(Written June 1, 2020 Have you seen these ladies around town? Groups of older women get together wearing these bright red hats. Why you ask… very good question. After looking on their website, here is what I found out: The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middleContinue reading “The Red Hat Ladies Experiment”

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