Adventureland in 2021

So finally Adventureland will be opening back up in May this year. May 8th to the general public to be more specific. If you are a season pass holder you can get in May 1st and May 2nd. Adventure Bay opens up May 28th for you water fans. What’s new this year? The Dragon Slayer! See the quick glimpse video below.

What’s gone. The Dragon. The Dragon had been around since 1990! Which is sad because I remember when it was new. Tells you how old I am (42)! So other than the new ride to try out what makes me want to go to Adventureland the most? To me it’s just something I have always done. I have lived in Central Iowa all my life and every year I have gone. So whether it’s riding the Tornado, The Falling Star or Tilt-a-Whirl it just brings back great memories! Now I take my kids there and my daughter will ride anything! My son, not so much, but my daughter is a dare devil. When I’m telling the kids let’s go do the bumper cars she saying let’s do the The Monster!

So here’s the other question I get a lot. Is it worth is to get a Season Pass? I would say if you plan on going 3 or more times, do it. If not, then don’t. All your options can be found on their website here.

No matter what you do a trip to Adventureland with your friends or kids will be fun. Enjoy the nice weather and hopefully a great time!

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