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Des Moines Online – A Long Time

I have been providing Central Iowa online information a long time! Back in 2004 I started my first local website Digital Des Moines which provided local stuff to do. Back in 2004, the internet was fairly new still and I just found it fun to post local happenings and then join in the fun. And here I am 17 years later still providing a list of things to do on my website. I guess it’s not too boring. Lol. Over the the years I have worked on different sites. Here are the sites I’ve created over the years:

Digital Des Moines – (My first website which I thought was cool. Included things to do and places to eat. Sounds familiar!)

Thoughts of Thomas (Brogan’s Blog) – (Was my first blog of just thoughts. I then wrote a book based on it. You can buy on Amazon! Still actually up. Hey it was free!)

Gluten Free Des Moines – (This was a short stint to help provide Gluten Free options around Central Iowa)

Deduce Life – (So I actually almost died in 2018! Had 6 strokes and used this blog to write about life for awhile)

Broganlist – (Was a site with a weird combo or thoughts, quizzes and more)

Des Moines (Still actually around, sold it a few years ago and it’s going strong!)

So now, I created and help maintain my daughter’s school website, do my bosses website every 4 years when she is up for re-election and run this website To Do Central Iowa. Hey it’s something to do my free time when I’m not working and I find it fun. Well, when I’m not hanging out with my kids!

So there you go. I hope you all enjoy my website and find something to do on it. Just from someone whose has almost died in this life, enjoy every minute and don’t take things for granted. Enjoy your family and friends everyday!

DM Juice – Remember this old Paper?

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