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So this past weekend I made my first ever trip to BONE-A-PATREAT Healthy Pet Market in West Des Moines. The reason behind this is my daughter and my mom just recently got new puppies. My mom claimed that I had to check out this store for treats and items for my daughter’s dog. So my daughter and I decided to check it out, plus my daughter had gift cards there which is always a bonus!

Now, there are 3 different locations, one in Des Moines, Urbandale and West Des Moines. As I mentioned we visited the West Des Moines store. It’s located close to Jethro’s BBQ ‘n Jambalaya off University Ave in West Des Moines. It’s not a huge store by any means, but it did have a good variety of items to look at. I was impressed with their different lines of treats for the dogs. They had treats of all different sizes for different dogs, different flavors and even some interesting shapes.

My daughter was looking for some new toys for her dog as well and they had a good variety of toys to choose from. And the last thing on her list was a new collar for her dog and we found one that was decently priced.

So, if you haven’t tried BONE-A-PATREAT I would give it a try. Good selection of pet supplies and it’s a local store which means you are helping the local community!

Check out their website here.


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