St. Kilda in Valley Junction – My Thoughts

So today I had my first chance to eat at St. Kilda Collective in Valley Junction. We arrived there around 10:45am and it was already busy from the after Church crowd on Sundays. We only had to wait around 5 minutes for a table and then it was time to try some new food. We started off with some hot drinks because to me, it’s getting cold out! So I had an Earl Grey and my friend had an expresso. I have to admit service was pretty fast and for as busy as the restaurant was, we got our food and drinks fast. I went with a Cuban Sandwich because I love Cuban Sandwiches. And I’m not much of a breakfast person. The bread on the sandwich was amazing! If you have never had a Cuban Sandwich their version had slow roasted pork, prosciutto, pickles, swiss cheese and Dijon. On the side you get a choice of a salad or fries. And obviously I went for the fries.

My lunchmate went with the Braised Greens and Eggs. Although I will say that it didn’t look like that much food, she said it was delicious. And it looked delicious. I think the best compliment a restaurant can get is by how much food is left on the plate when finished. My lunchmate’s plate was complete empty. My plate had a few fries left, but the entire sandwich was gone. So that tells you the food was good and we enjoyed it.

Braised Greens and Eggs

So overall it was a good visit. I will say it wasn’t the cheapest place, but wasn’t expensive either. The good thing about the Valley Junction location is you can doing some shopping and walking along the stores when you are done. So give St. Kilda Collective a try. I recommend it!

St. Kilda Collective – 333 5th St, West Des Moines, IA 50265

Visit their website for more info and menu options.

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